Halloween Fun! Sing-Along Songs from A-Z
Album Title: Halloween Fun! Sing-Along Songs from A-Z
Artists: Sing n Play
Released: 2013-10-15
Format: MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Genre: Children's Music,Music
Price: Free
Catalog Number: 33649 32774

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Addams Family Theme Song.mp3, Boo, Boo, Black Bat.mp3, Creepy, Crawly Creature.mp3, Fugue in D Minor.mp3, Spooky "E" Sounds.mp3, Oh My Monster, Frankenstein.mp3, Did You Ever See a Ghoulie?.mp3, A Haunting We Will Go.mp3, Do You Know the Invisible Man?.mp3, Jack-O'-Lantern in the Window.mp3, Kitty Cat Costume.mp3, The "L" Song.mp3, Monster Mash.mp3, Nine Nervous Nightcrawlers.mp3, Spooky "O" Sounds.mp3, Purple People Eater.mp3, Quickly, Quickly, Children.mp3, Rats Go Marching.mp3, If You're Scary and You Know It.mp3, Trick, Trick, Trick or Treat.mp3, Underneath the Stairs.mp3, One Vampire.mp3, We've Been Working with the Witches.mp3, See, See My X-Ray.mp3, Yakety Yak (Halloween's Back!).mp3, Five Little Zombies.mp3,

About Sing n Play

Halloween Fun! Sing-Along Songs from A-Z

Sing n Play

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    1:30 Addams Family Theme Song.mp3
    2:09 Boo, Boo, Black Bat.mp3
    2:39 Creepy, Crawly Creature.mp3
    2:23 Fugue in D Minor.mp3
    2:42 Spooky "E" Sounds.mp3
    3:06 Oh My Monster, Frankenstein.mp3
    1:48 Did You Ever See a Ghoulie?.mp3
    2:29 A Haunting We Will Go.mp3
    2:25 Do You Know the Invisible Man?.mp3
    3:03 Jack-O'-Lantern in the Window.mp3
    1:51 Kitty Cat Costume.mp3
    1:55 The "L" Song.mp3
    3:19 Monster Mash.mp3
    3:01 Nine Nervous Nightcrawlers.mp3
    1:25 Spooky "O" Sounds.mp3
    2:34 Purple People Eater.mp3
    2:09 Quickly, Quickly, Children.mp3
    3:33 Rats Go Marching.mp3
    2:49 If You're Scary and You Know It.mp3
    2:03 Trick, Trick, Trick or Treat.mp3
    2:27 Underneath the Stairs.mp3
    2:07 One Vampire.mp3
    2:56 We've Been Working with the Witches.mp3
    2:38 See, See My X-Ray.mp3
    1:44 Yakety Yak (Halloween's Back!).mp3
    3:49 Five Little Zombies.mp3
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